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Big Rob adds a mix of humor, raw emotion, candor and depth into all of his speaking engagements.

The art of storytelling is back.


Big Rob The Motivator is a professional keynote speaker and entrepreneur. He was Born and raised in the then tough Chicago neighborhood of Wicker Park in the 70's & 80's. Many of his childhood friends found themselves trapped in a cycle of absent fathers, gang warfare, drug abuse and early graves. At the age of 20, he pursued a career in law enforcement. After spending many years as a correctional officer in the state pen for the Illinois Dept. of Corrections and the Cook County Sheriff's Dept. he decided to pursue his true passion, entrepreneurship.


Big Rob started his first business in 2002... a film production company that crashed and burned like so many independent film production companies before him. But that did not discourage him. He collected his ego, dusted himself off, and tried again. His next attempt was a huge success, but not overnight. His first year he made $3000. But that modest number eventually transformed into a six-figure company. Then Big Rob took on the art world as an abstract/impressionist artist making $3000 in one day in his very first gallery show in Chicago. As an artist he captured the attention of world renown art curator and director of the Art Institute of Chicago, Mr. James Rondeau. Rob was selected to showcase his art as a finalist for the Art in Motion Gala in downtown Chicago. To date he has sold over 100 original works of art.


Big Rob The Motivator has reached tens of thousands of young adults and staff across the United States as an empowerment speaker. All while pushing through a debilitating back injury which dates back 21 years. In 2007 Big Rob was diagnosed with symptoms of sciatica. It wouldn't be until almost 8 years after that diagnosis that an MRI would find an injury in Rob's spine. But instead of using his pain as an excuse to stop, quit, slow down or go away... he used it as fuel to push through the adversity. He takes his experiences growing up in a gang and drug-infested neighborhood, his expertise as a former law enforcement officer, and his success as an entrepreneur and artist to fully engage audiences from beginning to end. His humorous approach and passionate sincerity leave audiences wanting more.









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